Four-Section Tripod with Ball Head


  • Sturdy Stand: Weighing just 1.62 kilograms / 3.57 pounds, this aluminum alloy tripod is lightweight yet sturdy enough to easily support a DSLR camera with lens (Max load is 8 kilograms / 17.64 pounds)

  • Versatile 360° Ball Head: Smooth and precise angle and rotation control with the solid, hard-wearing ball head. Conveniently switch between two cameras for shooting with two quick release plates

  • Extendable Four-Section Legs: Extend tripod to the maximum height of 1.69 meters / 5.54 feet or contract to the minimum height of just 260 millimeters / 16.9 inches easily and quickly with the twist-lock leg section extension collars. Three alternative leg angles (20°, 50°, 80°) for different photography scenarios and conditions

  • Complete On-The-Go Kit: Includes all the necessary parts and accessories for all types of stunning outdoor photography, even in challenging conditions

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  • Model Number: CP-T06
  • Materials: Magnesium aluminum alloy, rubber, EVA foam
  • Maximum Height: 1.69m / 5.54’ (or 1.36m / 4.46’ excluding center column)
  • Minimum Height: 260mm / 10.24”
  • Storage Length: 460mm / 1.51’ (legs folded downwards); 430mm / 1.41’ (legs folded upwards)
  • Center Column Screw Size: 3/8” screw (1/4” screw on the other end)
  • Quick Release Plate Screw Size: 1/4” screw
  • Maximum Load: 8kg / 17.64lb
  • Weight: 1.62kg / 3.57lb


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