AUKEY Dynamic Detect: Making Power Delivery More Powerful

AUKEY Dynamic Detect: Making Power Delivery More Powerful

April 26, 2019 8051

USB Power Delivery (PD) is a universal fast-charging standard supported by a wide range of devices, from smartphones to laptops. We covered the unique characteristics of USB PD extensively in this recent article, as well as in this quick introduction. It's an exciting technology, but up until now most PD chargers with more than one port have suffered from a significant drawback.

Although a PD charger may come with impressive-sounding wattage, in reality that power has to be shared across all the ports—even when only one of them is currently in use. For example, a regular dual-port 30W PD charger (with one PD port and one 12W USB-A port) can only ever charge your device at maximum of 18W, meaning the full potential of the charger is wasted. A 30W charger of this type is actually more like two chargers that are entirely independent of each other. The two ports are unable to pool their outputs together and charge a single device at 30W.

A More Efficient Way to Charge
This is where AUKEY Dynamic Detect comes in. Using a specially-designed chip, the charger is able to determine how many ports are in use and how much power the connected devices require. If only a single device is connected, the chip is able to direct all the available power to that individual port, making full use of the charger's potential. When multiple devices are connected, power is distributed so as to ensure optimal charging.

The table below shows some practical examples.

As you can see, the advantage of AUKEY Dynamic Detect comes when not all ports are in use. Since multi-port chargers tend to spend the majority of their time charging through only one of the ports, this makes a significant difference to the actual charging speed the user experiences. For example, 60W is the preferred charging power for a 13.3 inch MacBook, and only getting a maximum of 48W from your "60W charger" would result in noticeably slower charging.

This technology was developed in-house at AUKEY and is currently patent pending. Our development team had long been unhappy with the wasted potential of multi-port PD chargers and this innovation is a really satisfying solution to that. It's a great example of a small breakthrough that brings a tangible benefit to users.

Available Now
The first charger equipped with AUKEY Dynamic Detect (PA-D1) is now on sale, with PA-D2 and PA-D3 set to follow soon.