5 Reasons Why You Need a USB-C Adapter

5 Reasons Why You Need a USB-C Adapter

March 29, 2018 3889

You have a dilemma: your devices are increasingly becoming all USB-C because it's 2018, but you have periphery items that still use USB-A or micro-USB, so what can you do? Get a tiny, discreet adapter that helps you connect all your devices. Here are a few things you can do with a USB-C adapter.

1. Access files from a USB drive

An adapter can take your external hard drive or thumb drive and spread the storage to your phone so you can watch movies or transfer files on your phone.


2. Convert your computer's ports

Convert your USB-C port to USB-A with the adapter to get one port or connect to a mouse or USB hub for even more options.


3. Use your phone to charge another device

Yes, every percent of your phone battery might be precious, but if you're stranded needing battery for your Bluetooth headphones: your phone can be the answer. Use the adapter to connect your phone and headphones through the charging cable and charge away.

Adapter Headphones.jpg

4. Use a mouse or keyboard

Connect your mouse or keyboard to your phone to type or move around faster on your phone.


5. Use a gaming controller

Even though most controllers have Bluetooth, no one likes lag. Using a controller can optimize your gaming experience.